Delegate Responsibilities to Capable Hands

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I delegate my responsibilities to other very capable hands.


The more I do, the less of me I can put into each project.  That is why I delegate my responsibilities to people that I trust.  Getting the work completed well is more important than who completes it.


If I am always pouring myself out, I will run dry.  To renew my strength and be a better worker, I need to take breaks.  It is okay to stop and rest.  Resting does not make me lazy or irresponsible.  On the other hand, when I rest, I demonstrate maturity.


It is wise and reasonable to recognize when the load is too heavy.  I never put work above personal health.  Trying to do everything alone is a sign of selfish immaturity.  I cannot possibly believe that I am the only person that can get the job done well.


I trust the people around me and I know they would love to help me once I ask for help.  I trust my ability to recognize competent and skilled people with whom I can share my load.  As the team player that I am, I welcome the ideas of others.  As a result, I allow the people around me to learn and grow.


Others enjoy working with me because I make them feel valued.  I support the people working with me and I make myself available for questions and suggestions.  Ultimately, my work benefits from the creativity of others and I can get quality work done without exhaustion.


When I delegate, I do not obsess over every detail that may not turn out exactly as I would have done it.  Instead, I am eager to witness a fresh approach from someone else’s point of view.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Have I been trying to do too much because I am afraid to ask for help?
  2. Who can I trust to complete my work?
  3. How can I support the people who help me?