Every time I see an Opportunity to Help others, I do so Joyfully

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Every time I see an opportunity to help others, I do so joyfully.


I am willing to help anyone I meet who is in need, and I do so joyfully. I consider myself fortunate to have the means to help others.


I believe that small gestures really do matter. A cathedral would be but a foundation without the blocks that give it shape. A symphony would be flat noise without the notes that compose it.


Likewise, when I act kindly or generously, I help give shape to the goodness in the world. When I assist a neighbor who’s moving furniture or when I give a cup of coffee to the homeless man on the corner, I am fully aware that I am not changing the world with my actions. And yet, I know that I am contributing to making the world a better place. After all, each gesture can have a significant impact.


I believe that giving to others not only helps the recipient, but me as well. What I send out comes back to me, ten-fold, sometimes in kind but often in a form that is different but equally valuable.


When I give generously and without expectation of fanfare, I expand my spirit and open myself up to receive much good in return.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Do I appreciate or resent those who need my help?
  2. In what ways have I been physically, emotionally, or spiritually rewarded by helping others?
  3. What opportunities to help others have I passed up because I felt the gesture was too small to matter?