In The First Photo, She Seemed Like An Average Teen Girl. Then I Saw The Rest And… Wow.

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The brave and beautiful girl you see below? Her name is Paige. She is a little different from most other young teens, as she was born without the fingers on her right hand. No matter how different she is, or how hard her life is, she still keeps a smile on her face. Paige is one of the most impressive girls we have ever seen.

She isn’t like other girls.

She doesn’t really care that she is different.

She didn’t have a prosthetic arm until she was 14, until Touch Bionics gave her one. She can move each finger on the prosthetic by making motions with her smaller hand.

Paige encounters many adults and children who ask her about her differences…

She usually has the same response: “You know how I have blonde hair and you have brown hair? That’s because everyone is born different right?” Sometimes they are receptive, sometimes they’re not.

However, she really wants more people to realize that “differences” aren’t so different at all.

And Paige has some words of wisdom you should hear: “Basically the point I am trying to make is don’t concentrate on what someone doesn’t have. Concentrate on what they do.”

” Teach your children to accept everyone. I always meet parents who scold their children for asking what happened to my hand, but truthfully that makes them afraid.”

“It makes being different into something that should be looked down on, as if it is something bad. Let them ask questions, let them learn that being different is OKAY!”

The bottom line is this: we’re all different. People like Paige get it, and more of us need to be understanding and accepting.


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