It’s time for ‘Code’ to become Canada’s third language | BetaKit

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Eventually we will all be living with some level of code comprehension as part of the Education system and as part of our jobs as we continue to integrate technology into our daily Praxis. Might be a step in the right direction… Canada needs to step up its game on code literacy. From entrepreneurs disrupting old-fashioned industries to young professionals …

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Here’s Why Hangovers Get So Much Worse When You Get Older

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Reasons why we should cut down on drinking as we grow older, or at least drink more responsibly. You’re only as old as you feel? Tell that to tequila. 1. You, the day after drinking in your early twenties: View this image › 2. You, the day after drinking in your late twenties: View this image › Sony Pictures …

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The Definitive Ranking Of Ben & Jerry’s Flavors

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This is an intense list. Ensure you are well fed before watching or your hunger pangs will tingle. Excluding vanilla and those Greek yogurt spin-offs because this isn’t a f***ing joke. The contenders: only flavors currently in circulation in the U.S. So if you’re looking for Schweddy Balls, Oatmeal Cookie, Late Night Snack, or other beloved retirees, you’ll have to …

Smart Phones, Stupid Choices and Alone Together

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Its one of the most pervasive issues in our culture today thats off and on in the media, but no one talks about in their personal lives is our relationships with our phones. He essentially made the argument that our addictive behaviors are driven more from loneliness or a longing to bond and connect than anything else. However, our phones …

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21 Totally Essential Dr. Seuss Quotes

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In honor of his 111th birthday. View this image › -I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! Flickr / David DeHetre / Via Flickr: davedehetre 2. “With your head full of brains, And your shoes full of feet, You’re too smart to go down any not-so-good-street.” –Oh, The Places You’ll Go! 3. “I know it is wet and the sun …