Staying Active and Health

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I am firmly committed to staying active and healthy.


I remain lively and fit because I am dedicated to me.


Being dedicated and committed to my health assures me that I will remain healthy and active throughout my life.


I appreciate and enjoy the conviction to eat healthy foods and exercise my body and mind. I also make sure I relax and de-stress. These are all measures I take to ensure I stay active, healthy and happy.


I have a set schedule that includes an exercise regimen and proper foods to give me plenty of energy. I feel stronger when I exercise and I feel better when I have a balance of nutrients in my body. I enjoy feeling good and I deserve to be healthy.


Sometimes it is difficult for me to go to the gym when I really would rather stay home, but I let go of these feelings because I am committed to myself. It is through this commitment that I ensure a better me.


Today I choose to remain committed to myself and to my regimen of exercise and nutrition. I let go of the urge to skip my schedule. I let go of my urge to eat unhealthy foods. When I dedicate myself to my commitments, I know that I will enjoy a healthy and active body for a long time.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Have I allowed negative thinking to get in my way of my commitment?
  2. Have I dedicated myself to daily exercise?
  3. Am I committed to eating healthy foods?